Agnes Radiofrequency


groundbreaking solution offering a new dimension in skin rejuvenation and contouring

Agnes Radiofrequency

If you’re seeking a treatment that not only enhances your appearance but also delivers long-lasting results with minimal downtime, read here to learn more about the transformative treatment .

What is Agnes Radiofrequency?

Agnes RF is a unique and advanced radiofrequency device that utilizes micro-insulated needles to precisely target and eliminate fat cells while simultaneously stimulating collagen and elastin production. This innovative approach results in firmer, tighter skin and cellular turnover. Agnes RF stands out for its ability to contour specific areas, reduce signs of aging, and even offer a permanent solution to acne by targeting the oil glands.

Benefits and Treatment Areas

Agnes RF is known for the following advantages:

What to Expect During Treatment

During an Agnes RF treatment, you can expect a comfortable experience with minimal discomfort. The micro-insulated needles precisely target the treatment area, ensuring maximum efficacy with minimal impact on the surrounding tissues. The procedure duration varies depending on the area being treated but is generally quick and efficient.


Post-treatment care for Agnes RF is straightforward, with minimal downtime required. Patients may experience some redness or swelling, which typically subsides quickly. Following the aftercare instructions provided by your skincare professional at G Lab Aesthetics will ensure optimal results and a smooth recovery.

Ideal Candidates for Agnes Radiofrequency

Agnes RF is suitable for individuals looking for non-surgical solutions to contour specific areas, reduce signs of aging, or treat acne. It’s ideal for those seeking targeted fat reduction and skin tightening in specific areas like the jawline, under-eye, and around the mouth.

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